Milk production and infant’s food



Entire selection of milk products for all family.







Lot of natural products based on unique combination of milk and fruits, unforgettable pleasure and good.





Lot of functional cultured milk products fortified with unique LGG lactic bacteria, which improves digestion and renovates vitality of the organism.




Range of traditional and available milk products for every day.




Range of cream for cooks of any level – from housewives to professional chief cooks (HoReCa segment)




Wide variety of traditional high-quality milk products in innovative pack for favourable price.



Maximally entire selection of infant’s food cooked like babies want.



Tasty and healthy products for children of three years and older, additionally fortified with calcium and vitamine D. Now it became easier for parents to look after child’s healthy feeding and bring him up strong and healthy, because «Smeshariki» are best friends for children.



Products under the trademark of «Disney» with popular characters on the pack help each child to feel like a part of magic fairytale.

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